Case Study: EZ-FLO® Style 206 with ABRA-SHIELD® Tube - Lithium Processing


Lithium Processing


Size: 2.000”ID x 6.000”FF
Temperature: 158˚ F to 212˚ F
Application: Other - Expansion Joints, Lithium Carbonate, Lime Ash / Slurry
Media: Lithium Carbonate, Lime Ash / Slurry
Pressure: 150 psi
Equipment: Pumps


The customer is a large Lithium Carbonate manufacturer in South America. Lithium is primarily used as a cathode material in lithium-ion batteries because it is the lightest solid element and has an elevated electrochemical potential. In recent years, Lithium-ion batteries have experienced substantial and growing demand due to electric vehicle market growth and their use in laptop computers, mobile phones, and digital cameras.


The customer utilized a competitor’s EPDM expansion joint with little success, with the expansion joints failing every one to two weeks. When one expansion joint catastrophically failed, it injured an employee who suffered chemical conjunctivitis as a result. The facility needed to find a safer expansion joint that would last longer without the possibility of an unannounced catastrophic failure.


The team at Garlock recommended and installed an EZ-FLO® Style 206 pipe expansion joint with an ABRA-SHIELD® tube. This combination was chosen to combat the abrasive Lithium Carbonate and Lime Ash while protecting against the elevated temperature. The Garlock expansion joints have been in service for two years with no sign of failure. Due to the significant gains in service life, uptime, and employee safety, the mine is replacing its remaining 20 units with Garlock ABRA-SHIELD® expansion joints.

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