GYLON® Style 3522 PTFE Diaphragms

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  • Style/Model: Style 3522

100% PTFE diaphragm offering the longest service life in the industry.

Exclusive to Garlock, the GYLON® PTFE Diaphragm material is made using a proprietary process that optimizes quality and uniformity. Using the best available technology, this material offers the longest service life in the industry and continues to outperform all competitive materials. GYLON® PTFE diaphragms offer the highest performance, lowest permeability, lowest creep, and longest flex life available and can be used in all diaphragm pump types.


  • Max. Temperature: 500°F / 260°C
  • Max. Pressure: 800 PSI / 55.16 bar
  • 3A Standard, NSF 61 Standard, USP Class VI Chapter 87 & 88, USP Part 31, 281 and 661
  • Overview

Features and Benefits:

  • Chemical and temperature resistant - withstands aggressive chemicals and temperatures up to +500°F / +260°C.
  • Flexibility - up to four times the flex life of conventional PTFE
  • Reduced Void Content - results in less permeation, increased life, reduced potential for cross-contamination of process media
  • Cost savings - longer diaphragm life means increased process uptime and decreased labor costs
  • Environmental Stewardship - improved equipment efficiencies, better protection of downstream equipment and minimized batch contamination due to more reliable diaphragm
  • Conforms to FDA regulations

Media Use:

  • Strong caustics
  • Strong acids
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Chlorine
  • Cryogenics