How to avoid bearing damage in rotating applications that require the use of aggressive chemicals.

Moisture, dust, and dirt are just a few examples of contaminants that can enter a bearing housing. Contamination causes a number of problems including seal degradation. The result: leakage, which poses a significant safety risk to employees and the environment. Labyrinth seals provide a remedy here. They are low-wear and reliable in use.

But what to do in rotating applications that require the use of aggressive chemicals?

The Garlock non-metallic labyrinth seal ISO-GARD® is ideally suited for these applications due to a special combination of materials. Both the rotor and the stator of the ISO-GARD® are made of glass-filled PTFE. The tortuous labyrinth passage inside the ISO-GARD® prevents foreign matter from entering the housing. Fluoroelastomer o-rings on the rotor and stator, ensure the best compression for optimal sealing. FDA compliant o-rings are also available on request.

Applications for ISO-GARD® include food and beverage industries and also in the paper manufacturing ("black liquor" applications).

The benefits at a glance:

  • Filled PTFE construction provides excellent chemical compatibility
  • Unitized construction will not come apart during installation
  • Meets IEEE 841 Test Standard
  • Meets NEMA MG-1
  • Available in a broad range of configurations

Garlock ISO-GARD®

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