Custom High-Temperature Flue Duct Expansion Joint

In typical Garlock fashion, the 8400-HT will be custom designed to meet or exceed the individual requirements of each application or system design specifications. The 8400-HT is available in a multitude of configurations and material combinations, complimenting our existing 8400 family of lower temperature products (8400-250, 8400-300, 8400-400). The 8400-HT is able to accommodate operating temperatures as low as -75°F / -60°C and up to 2200°F / 1200°C.

Features and Benefits

Specific combinations of fluorine based hydrocarbon polymers and reinforcing materials offer an unusually high resisistance to corrosive substances at high temperatures, ideal for most operating conditions in flue gas desulphurization systems (FGD).

  • Very good rebound characteristics that help resist permanent deformation
  • Special resistance to SO₂, H₂SO₄ and other corrosive chemical substances
  • Continuous operating temperature in excess of 400°F


In addition to FGD systems, non metallic, flue duct style expansion joints are commonly used in gaseous medias such as hot air, chemical vapors, engine exhaust, etc. For example:

  • Steam boiler systems
  • Gas turbine exhausts
  • Industrial furnace & chimney construction
  • Refuse incinerators
  • Ventilation and aeration systems
  • HPI, CPI emissions control
  • Pulp & paper industry
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