What gaskets are recommended for oxygen (O2) service?

We recommend GYLON® Styles 3502, 3503 or 3505. These gaskets are specially manufactured and packaged to eliminate contamination by organic material.

The two best GRAPH-LOCK styles to evaluate in oxygen service are GRAPH-LOCK 3123 and 3128. These styles should be limited to 650°F in oxygen. Style 3123 (1/16" maximum thickness) is made of homogeneous graphite and style 3128 is made of homogeneous graphite bonded to multiple layers of stainless steel. Laminated graphite (GRAPH-LOCK 3125) and metal inserted graphite (GRAPH-LOCK 3125SS, 3124/3126 and 3125TC) all contain an adhesive, which is not recommended in oxygen (O2) service.

PLEASE NOTE The GRAPH-LOCK styles are NOT cleaned or packaged specifically for oxygen service. We would recommend wearing gloves when handling the gaskets to minimize contamination.