What is controlled density? What are controlled density gaskets?

Controlled Density ™ is a manufacturing process used in the production of Garlock Spiral Wound gaskets to ensure optimum filler density across the windings to achieve consistent compression and superior sealability. Garlock Controlled Density gaskets are able to achieve tightness at lower loads. While most gaskets (manufacturers other than Garlock) are manufactured to a “Y” factor of 10,000 psi, gaskets manufactured with Controlled Density are manufactured to a “Y” factor of 7,500 psi. This contributes to an improved performance during stress cycling. Garlock also manufactures Controlled Density Plus ™ (CD Plus) gaskets which offer a “Y” factor of 5,000 psi.

Effective immediately, Garlock Metallic Gaskets will no longer be marketing the Controlled Density ™ (or CD™) name and process. This decision is based on the additional financial impact of manufacturing gaskets using Controlled Density ™ technology (as compared to gaskets manufactured using the traditional manufacturing process) and the lack of sales benefits of the Controlled Density ™ process.

There will be no change to the current manufacturing processes of Houston supplied products or our imported ASME B16.20 spiral wound gaskets. This is only a marketing change. The only appearance change is the removal of the “CD” that is currently stamped on the gaskets.

Garlock can continue to manufacture gaskets meeting a “Y” factor of 5,000 psi. These are specified as “Garlock Lo Load”.