Garlock Metallic Gaskets Technical Manual

Garlock Metallic Gaskets, a division of Garlock, manufactures spiral wound, serrated metal, metal clad, solid metal and metal core gaskets at its facility in Houston, Texas. This facility is registered to ISO-9001. In recent years, Garlock Metallic Gaskets has introduced some of the industry’s most innovative production methods and products. For example, the CONTROLLED DENSITY™ process for spiral wound gaskets ensures a high tightness level at a lower bolt stress. The TANDEM SEAL™ combines chemical resistance and fire safety in a single gasket. The Garlock EDGE® gasket seals at lower bolt stress while virtually eliminating the problem of inward buckling. Various metal gaskets are now available with THERMa-PUR® for high temperature applications. Garlock Metallic Gaskets is also known for excellence in material and product quality as well as its outstanding customer service.

This catalog is provided for customer information and convenience. However, Garlock applications engineers are also on hand to assist you with your application requirements and technical questions. Please give us a call at 1-800-448-6688. We are here to serve you.

 Garlock Metalllic Gaskets