Style 9394 Low Pressure Expansion Joints

  • Shipping Weight: 0 lbs
  • Style/Model: Style 9394
  • ADI/TSE Free: No
  • API 589 Compliant: No
  • API607Compliant: No
  • API622Compliant: No
  • DFARS Compliant: No
  • FDA Compliant: No
  • Fire Safe API 6FB: No
  • KTW Compliant: No
  • NSF® 61 Certified: No
  • Oxygen Service: No
  • REACH Compliant: No
  • RoHS Compliant: No
  • USDA Approved: No
  • USP VI 661 Compliant: No
  • USP VI 87 Compliant: No
  • USP VI 88 Compliant: No

This multi-convoluted, lightweight expansion joint is designed for low pressure applications that require significant amounts of movement, axially and/or laterally. Its low spring rates make it ideal for air handling, load cell, bin activators, vibrating bins, silos, and pellet/dough hopper applications.

Available Liner Materials:

Chlorobutyl (Standard), ABRA-LINE™, ABRA-SHIELD®, Natural Rubber, FKM (Fluoroelastomer), CSM, SURE-TEC™, EPDM, FDA EPDM, HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile), Nitrile, DETECTOMER® FDA Nitrile, Neoprene, FDA Neoprene.

Pressure Capabilities:

  • Without external reinforcing rings: up to 3 psi / 0.2 bar
  • With external reinforcing rings: up to 15 psi / 1.0 bar

Vacuum Capabilities:

  • Without internal reinforcing rings: up to 3 in Hg / 75 mm Hg
  • With internal reinforcing rings: up to 15 in Hg / 381 mm Hg
  • Contact Garlock if higher vacuum or pressure ratings are required

Movement Capabilities:

  • 3/4in / 19 mm axial compression per convolution
  • 5/8in / 16 mm axial elongation per convolution
  • 5/8in / 16 mm lateral deflection per convolution
  • Movements are non-concurrent. Larger convolutions are available to provide more movement.
  • Contact Garlock if above listed movements need to be exceeded.

NOTE: Flanged designs require retaining rings for an effective seal. Sleeve type requires clamps; the overall length of the expansion joint should include an additional 4in / 101.6 mm for clamping space.

Contact Garlock to for additional information and assistance with specifying the product for the application.

  • Overview

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight design installs easily and costs less to ship
  • Can be custom-designed for even greater movement capability
  • Choice of construction materials suitable for wide range of temperatures
  • Available in flanged or sleeve type design, up to 48in / 1219 mm ID

Typical Applications:

  • Air handling
  • Load cell
  • Bin activators
  • Vibrating bins
  • Silos
  • Pellet/dough hoppers