Case Study: STRESS SAVER® 3504 Steel Production


Primary Metals - Steel


Temperature: < 400º F
Size: 1” - 12” Pipe Flanges
Application: Flange - Raised Face
Media: Hydrochloric Acid
Equipment: Piping Systems
Pressure: 150 psi


An American producer of steel used a gasket solution in all raised flange applications throughout the cold mill of their acid regeneration plant.


The gasket solution in place was designed for flat face applications. Using this gasket in all raised flange applications throughout the cold mill increased the risk of crushing the EPDM rubber core under full stress and causing leakage and safety issues in the plant.


Garlock recommended STRESS SAVER® 3504 as the replacement gaskets for all raised flange applications. STRESS SAVER® 3504 utilizes a low stress molded GYLON® PTFE with a glass filler that can be installed in both flat and raised flange applications while providing excellent chemical compatibility. The STRESS SAVER® 3504 is crush resistant with a maximum allowable temperature of 500º F, making it well suited for the conditions of the acid regeneration plant. This solution prevented the risk of leaks and increased safety for the steel producer.