Lithium Value Chain Sealing Solutions

Garlock offers unique, rugged sealing solutions for the lithium industry.

Across lithium extraction, refining, manufacturing, and recycling, Garlock solves complex challenges throughout every step of the lithium-ion battery lifecycle.

Improve productivity, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with strict environmental regulations. Download our Lithium Value Chain brochure to learn more, or select an option below to connect with a fluid sealing expert or find a distributor near you.

Garlock Lithium Brine Evaporation Sealing

Lithium Brine Evaporation

Avoid premature failure even under abrasive conditions. Unlike rubber gaskets, Garlock’s MULTI-SWELL® Style 3760 has a unique formulation of synthetic fibers and proprietary fillers, ensuring a long-term tight seal. Twice as compressible as standard fiber gaskets, MULTI-SWELL® streamlines installation by offering forgiveness in irregular flange conditions. For extremely abrasive applications, consider upgrading to GYLON® 3545 Microcellular.

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Garlock for Lithium Ore Mining (Spodumene)

Lithium Ore Mining (Spodumene)

Garlock’s heavy-duty sealing solutions increase safety, uptime, and service life in even the most formidable conditions. We offer GYLON® gaskets ideal for media involving sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, plus oil seals designed for advanced abrasion and chemical resistance. 

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Garlock for Lithium Refining

Lithium Refining

In abrasive applications, you need reliable leak protection against contamination, safety hazards, and loss of product and time. Trust Garlock’s robust portfolio of gasketing solutions that combine high chemical resistance with low-load capabilities. We also offer Performance Expansion Joints designed to handle abrasive conditions in your lithium refining operations. Click here to read about how we helped this Lithium Carbonate processor realize significant gains in service life, uptime, and employee safety.

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Lithium Battery Manufacturing

Lithium Battery Manufacturing

Challenges presented by shaft misalignment in rotating equipment and high temperatures are no match for Garlock’s bearing protection technology. We offer oil seals that overcome misalignment for a long service-life, even under the high-temperature conditions faced by lithium-ion battery manufacturers.

Reducing failures and increasing uptime is crucial, whether in cathode slurry processing, utility support, or process piping. Piping system vibrations can lead to early failures and downtime in lithium-ion battery production. Garlock’s P2000 Expansion Joints isolate equipment from these forces, ensuring longevity. 

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Garlock Lithium Recycling

Lithium Recycling

Successful recovery of valuable lithium battery materials requires specialized processing, posing unique sealing challenges and safety risks. Garlock’s solutions provide unmatched chemical resistance for sealing integrity and are perfect for low-load applications common in the LIB recycling process, allowing you to safely extract resources for future use.  

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