Case Study: GYLON EPIX® 3510 - Chloralkali and Chlorine Processor

Hired contractors assisting the customer during outages were over tightening and rupturing the PTFE cover of Garlock STRESS SAVER® 370 in nickel lap joints. STRESS SAVER® 370 is a discreet gasket molded to fit specific flange sizes. Other flange gasket seals were unreliable in FRP flanges due low bolt torque allowed. The plant is converting to be predominately nickel pipe systems. The primary motivation to consider a new gasket was the customer’s need to consolidate to the fewest number of gaskets that would be good in chloralkali process media, metal lap joint flanges and FRP flanges. The customer also desired a gasket that would come in sheet form, to give them the flexibility to produce any size and shape of gasket desired.