Case Study: Brine System Pumps - Hydra-Just™ Rotary Seal

A chemical plant in northeastern Ohio could not keep their brine pumps sealed. The plant had been using titanium double mechanical seals on their ANSI pumps, but time and again the corrosive brine destroyed the $1,500 seals within 6 weeks of installation. With 11 pumps on the brine system, the plant was spending over $100,000 a year on seals alone. As significant as that cost was, it paled in comparison to the lost operating time and potential health and safety issues. The plant turned to Garlock for a solution and agreed to test the Hydra-Just™ rotary seal. The results speak for themselves: the Garlock Hydra-Just™ seal provided two to three times the service life as the titanium double mechanical seal and did so at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, it made for a safer workplace and substantially increased production uptime. As a matter of fact, the Hydra-Just™ seal has worked so well that the plant is now using it on all 11 brine pumps.