Style 1200-PBI Compression Packing, NICR Wire/HPO over Core, Graphite and Tungsten Disulfide, 0.313 Inch Square Cross-Section, 2 lb per Spool (14.45 Ft/Lb)

  • Shipping Weight: 0 lbs
  • Style/Model: Style 1200-PBI
  • Compliances: REACH Compliant, RoHS Compliant
  • Material: NICR Wire/HPO over Core
  • Application/Equipment: Sealing energy transfer fluids such as molten salt* (*Please consult Garlock application engineer for such application), Sealing valves in steam service
  • Compliances/Standards: REACH Compliant, RoHS Compliant
  • Cross Section Shape: Square
  • Package Quantity (imperial): 2 lb
  • Construction: Braid over core
  • Package Quantity (metric): 0.9 kg
  • Cross Section Width Decimal (Inch): 0.313
  • Cross Section Width (mm): 7.95
  • Continuous Length: No
  • Cross Section Height Fraction (Inch): 5/16
  • Cross Section Width Fraction (Inch): 5/16
  • Fixed package Quantity: Yes
  • Lubricant: Graphite and Tungsten Disulfide
  • Max Temperature (C): 455
  • Max Temperature (F): 850
  • Max Temperature Atm (C): 455
  • Max Temperature Atm (F): 850
  • Max Temperature Steam (C): 650
  • Max Temperature Steam (F): 1200
  • Media Ph Range: 0-12
  • Package Primary UOM: Pound
  • Package Quantity: 2 lb / 0.907 kg
  • Package Quantity Weight Imperial: 2
  • Package Quantity Weight Imperial Unit of Measure: lb
  • Package Quantity Weight Metric: 1
  • Package Quantity Weight Metric Unit of Measure: kg
  • Package Type: Spool
  • Pressure Max Valve (bar): 172
  • Pressure Max Valve (psi): 2500
  • Special Corner Type: PBI Corners
  • UPC Code: 717744937805
  • Weight To Length Conversion (m/kg): 9.71
  • Weight To Length Converstion (ft/lb): 14.45
  • Primary Dimensional Unit of Measure: Imperial
  • Cross Section Height (mm): 7.95
  • Cross Section Height Decimal (Inch): 0.313
  • Package Qty Measurement: Weight
  • Max Shaft Surface Speed (feet/min): n/a
  • Max Shaft Surface Speed (meter/sec): n/a

High performance valve stem packing especially well suited for steam service. Style 1200-PBI also features an exclusive outer braided jacket of High Performance Fiber over an extruded graphite based core. This jacket integrates a nickel alloy (600) wire totally encapsulated within the aerospace grade fiber, virtually eliminating potential stem scoring. Packing also features a solid film lubricant that is non-corrosive to stems and facilitates removal of the packing set. This style combined into a packing set, can be used with challenging media such as molten salt.

  • Overview

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent abrasion and oxidation resistance
  • Remains dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • Does not burn in air, wont melt
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents

Typical Applications:

  • Sealing valves in steam service
  • Sealing energy transfer fluids such as molten salt* (*Please consult Garlock application engineer for such application)

Media Use:

  • Steam
  • Water
  • Molten salt* (*in combination with Therma-Pure)

Industries Served:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical Processing