ONE-UP® Pump Diaphragms

Garlock offers unique, rugged sealing solutions to many industries.

With superior cycle-life, ONE-UP Pump Diaphragms are the first choice for demanding industrial and sanitary applications.

ONE-UP’s unique one-piece PTFE diaphragms are easy to install and guaranteed for superior cycle-life, even in aggressive critical service applications. Resistant to chemicals, abrasives, high temperature and pressure, ONE-UP pump diaphragms are engineered for a long life, reducing downtime maintenance and operating costs.

Garlock manufactures ONE-UP replacement diaphragms for a wide variety of pump brands including: Almatec, ARO, Ashton, Dellmeco, Depa, Flux, Graco, Tapflo, Verder, Versamatic, Warren Rupp, Wilden, and Yamada and more.

Garlock offers many marine use, waterproof, abrasion and chemical resistant sealing solutions perfect for the water and wastewater industry.

GYLON® ONE-UP Pump Diaphragms

GYLON ONE-UP pump diaphragms are the optimal solution for sanitary applications in air operated diaphragm pumps. GYLON ONE-UP combines the patented rib construction of our standard ONE-UP with our exclusive GYLON PTFE diaphragm material and a proprietary EPDM rubber backing. This FDA compliant solution is permeation and chemically resistant, with a one-piece design for error-free installation.

Available in most sizes and pump offerings, GYLON ONE-UP pump diaphragms are well suited for a wide range of sanitary applications, including food, pharmaceutical, and high purity chemicals.

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Garlock ONE-UP Pump Diaphragms

Garlock ONE-UP pump diaphragms contain high performance PTFE on the wetted side for significantly longer life than conventional PTFE diaphragms. Considerably stronger than competitor offerings, Garlock ONE-UP provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Garlock ONE-UP is suitable for use in elevated temperatures, pressures, and is ideal for many uses including abrasive slurries and applications with high-solid content, like mining slurry.

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