Culture of Safety

A Culture of Excellence, Guided by Safety

Quite simply, safety is what we do. Our sealing solutions protect millions of people everyday from exposure to life-threatening materials. Durability, ease of maintenance and other benefits are essential to the value of using a Garlock sealing solution, but without safety, none of those other factors would matter.

In addition to designing and manufacturing safety-focused sealing solutions, we also offer a wide range of safety-oriented training for our customers. As a division of Enpro — named one of the safest U.S. companies by EHS Today — Garlock is able to provide its customers with access to the Enpro Learning System. The Enpro Learning System offers consulting services, safety courses, and safety conferences throughout the year to help other companies and professionals implement safety excellence at their facilities.

This commitment to safety also extends to our own facilities. Garlock is heavily invested in creating a safe workplace and empowering our employees to take ownership and responsibility for the safety of themselves and their co-workers. Our exemplary safety record contributes significantly to Enpro’s frequent recognition as one of the nation’s safest companies.