Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Projects

Sealing Solutions for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Projects

Garlock has the industry experience and expertise to allow it to partner with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors to deliver sealing solutions with unmatched safety, reliability and resource management for a wide range of EPC projects.

Our representatives will work directly with your engineering and design teams to identify the most effective sealing solutions for fluid transportation systems, improving production and reducing down-time for the end user while safeguarding employees and sensitive equipment. We offer pipe sealing products, metallic gaskets, butterfly valves and expansion joint systems suited for standard and custom applications.

Not sure who to contact at the Garlock Family of Companies with your EPCM questions? You can find direct contacts below, you can use our EPCM inquiry form. Your request will be routed quickly and efficiently to the contact that can best help you.

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