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212-ULE (Ultra-Low Emissions) Valve Stem Spool Packing

Optimized performance and planning with a convenient easy to use spool box product. 212-ULE offers the fire safety and chemical resistance of our other low emission valve stem packing products.


  • Easy to use - Style 212-ULE is easy to cut and install. It is conveniently supplied in a dispenser box package with color coded instructions.
  • Lower your costs - Cut inventory dollars and reduce outage schedules without sacrificing performance.
    Outage planning is easier than ever with 212-ULE box showing the amount of typical valve that can be repacked. A few boxes of different cross section sizes allow for quick response and efficient coverage of outage requirements.
  • Low stem friction - Style 212-ULE combines two packing types to lower friction while maintaining optimal sealing performance. 


  • Min. Temperature: -328°F / -200°C
  • Max. Temperature: +1200°F / +650°C
  • Atmosphere: +850°F / +455°C
  • Pressure: 4500 psi / 310 bar
  • pH: 0 - 14 (except strong oxidizers)


  • Valves
  • Critical Service
  • EPA Compliance
  • Hydrocarbon Processing Industry
  • Chemical Processing Industry
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