Cartridge Seals Family

All-in-one seals that provide simple sealing solutions and ease of installation.

Style 85 Mechanical Seal

Machined, o-ring mounted seal provides easy installation.

PS II Mechanical Seal

Designed to seal viscous products in high-pressure applications.

3-D Mixer Seal

Cartridge design mixer seal compensates for extreme shaft movement.

Syntron Seal

Compact cartridge double seal ideal for sealing gases and fluids


Balanced seal for high-pressure and high-speed service.


Accommodates high-speed/high-pressure double seal or tandem applications.

Suitable for dirty applications or vertical pumps that have axial movement

Style 19 Mixer Seal

For vertical mixers and other equipment with excessive radial shaft movement

Style 20 Stationary

Single cartridge design that is suitable for mixers

GPA Seal

Heavy-duty, balanced design to handle heavy slurries