Jacketed Gasket Group

Jacketed gaskets combine the superior temperature resistance of a metal jacket with the sealing performance of a filler material.


Style 620 Profile

Single-jacketed gaskets are constructed by encasing the soft filler material on one face and both edges.

Style 623 Profile

Soft sealing material is completely covered by two pieces of metal

Style 624 Profile

Single piece of metal totally encases the filler material

Style 626 Profile

A corrugated version of Style 623 Double Jacketed

Style 627 profile

Edges are dual reinforced with two separate pieces of metal

Style 629 Profile

Corrugated metal filler encased with two corrugated shells

Style 631 Profile

Filler material is exposed on the OD

Style 635 Profile

The thick compressible layer of CERAFELT® is shielded on the ID

Style 644 Profile

Kammprofile core and reinforced with a single metal jacket

Style 645 Profile

Kammprofile core and reinforced with a double metal jacket