Polytop Sets have found widespread popularity due to their unique set configurations and high sealing efficiency. A Garlock Polytop CHEVRON® set utilizes both squeeze and multiple lip type seals. Used in a set configuration, these two proven designs combine to provide maximum sealing performance.

Garlock Polytop Seal Sets provide excellent sealing efficiency. Unlike typical V-sets, Polytop Sets need no axial preload or adjustment after startup, virtually eliminating the fear of catastrophic failure.  Compounded from the highest quality urethane, the GARTHANE® 9220 U-Seal is strong and abrasion-resistant. In the Polytop configuration, it replaces the traditional top adapter used with vee sets and provides an additional sealing lip.The fabric and rubber composition of Garlock 432 CHEVRON® provides a strong, yet flexible sealing system that dampens any pressure surges.  



  • The best properties of each component improve sealability
  • Combined styles react better to varying pressure conditions
  • Individual components do not cause equipment damage
  • Longer life, fewer repacks
  • Less chance of costly premature failure
  • Reduces expensive downtime and wear on spare parts


  • Max. Temperature:     180°F    /    82°C
  • Max. Pressure:        3500 PSI    /    242 bar
  • Min Shaft:            0.188 in.    /    4.78 mm
  • Max Shaft:            36 in.      /      91.44 cm
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