Rubber Gasketing
Not ALL rubber sheet is EQUAL!

Most customers assume when they buy a roll of “neoprene” that the polymer portion of the materials they received is in fact ALL neoprene.  Unfortunately, that could not be further from the truth.  Most of the low cost rubber sheet products sold in the market today contain only a fraction of the stated polymer (in many cases less than 5%).  The rest is lower cost polymers.  This becomes a problem when the “other polymers” are not compatible with the media in the intended service, which can lead to downtime, lost production and most importantly a safety hazard for the workers in the facility.

When you use Garlock premium grade rubber sheet you can rest assured that the polymer portion of the sheet is what we say it is! 

Also, the Garlock rubber sheet is manufactured and vulcanized properly so that key properties, such as compression set and durometer, are what they should be!

Neoprene gasket – Neoprene sheets, rolls and cut gaskets

Neoprene rubber materials have extensive chemical resistance and are well suited for exposure to water, oil and grease.

Garlock has a long history of developing and manufacturing premium rubber sheet for your most critical application needs.

Style 9200 Rubber cut Gasket

Nylon reinforced nitrile rubber