An alternative to mechanical seals and braided packings

The PS-SEAL® product line stands for reliable sealing of rotating shafts at high circumferential speed, high pressure and extreme temperatures. Abrasive media is sealed as well as aggressive media.  Radial shaft seals typically do not perform well under these conditions as their seal lips are made of elastomeric materials.

PS-SEALs are used in many different applications and can also be an alternative to mechanical seals and braided packings.

The product line PS-SEAL® offers cost-effective and practical solutions to a wide range of applications. The portfolio of Garlock shaft seals offers standardized as well as special customized seals.

The high performance seals PS-SEAL® work with a sealing lip made of GYLON® or other modified PTFEs. Garlock produces GYLON® in a process that has been specially developed. 

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  • Useab​le under high pressure and in extreme vacuum
  • Very suitable for high circumferential speed
  • Temperature resistant from -130°F (-90°C) up to +500°F (260°C)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Useable in food and pharma applications (FDA)
  • EN 1935/2004 certificate
  • SIP/CIP compatible
  • Good to excellent dry running capability
  • Wear resistant and low friction
  • Pressures up to 362.6 psi (25 bar)
  • Material Options: GYLON® Black (Graphite), GYLON® White (Barium Sulphate), GYLON® Blue (Gasmicrosphere),  F (Econol), MS (Molybdenum Sulphide), and KF (Carbon Fiber).


PS-SEAL Standard® is a Garlock shaft seal consisting of a stainless steel (1.4571) case, a GYLON® BLACK seal lip and a static sealing element made of FKM. 


Garlock PS-SEAL® Non-Standard are shaft seals in standard sizes with different configurations of both seal lips and lip seal materials. If your application demands a shaft seal different from the PS-SEAL® Standard version we will manufacture a shaft seal appropriate to your needs. The PS-SEAL® Non-Standard offers an economic way of producing special configurations, as it is based on the standard version. Both the lip material and its configuration can be varied. Even the case can be adjusted within technical limitation.

If this is not fulfilling your needs, we also manufacture a custom-made PS-SEAL® based on your drawings/designs.


Due to the complex application of high performance seals, PS-SEAL® Standard and PS-SEAL® Non-Standard may not always provide the best solution for application-specific needs. That is why Garlock offers other sealing options with single and multiple lip assemblies. As far as practicable these seals are standardized to supply our customers with cost-efficient special solutions.

We recommend consulting our specialists for the usage of these PS-SEAL® configuration options. PS-SEAL® Special is available in many different lip and housing materials.

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