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Rubber Expansion Joints

EJ Family

Garlock Rubber Expansion Joints offer superior performance, reliability, and service life, resulting in improved plant safety and increased mechanical integrity of equipment. As specifically engineered products that are inserted in a rigid piping system, Garlock Rubber Expansion Joints will:

  • Absorb movement
  • Improve thermal stability
  • Relieve system strain due to thermal change, load stress, pumping surges, wear of settling
  • Reduce mechanical noise
  • Compensate for misalignment
  • Eliminate electrolysis between dissimilar metals

All of our expansion joints carry safety ratings that exceed product specifications in areas such as pressure and movement. Non-metallic expansion joints and flexible couplings are ideally suited for a wide variety of industries.

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Abrupt Arch Design Family

Industry standard abrupt arch design for vacuum and pressure applications. Includes standard, High Pressure (HP), Extreme Pressure Service (EPS)...

EJ Wide Arch

For general service applications where more movement is needed.

EJ Specialty Designs

Designs for specific applications.

EJ Accessories

Common accessories for Garlock rubber expansion joints.

Discontinued EJs

These products are discontinued and no longer available.