Resists heat, pressure and chemicals. Compliant with the most stringent VOC and VHAP emissions regulations.

Garlock Style 1303-FEP combines the low emissions performance of engineered sets with the flexibility and convenience that comes with spool stock compression packing.


  • High performance - Style 1303-FEP has been engineered to deliver compliance to the most stringent VOC (volatile organic compounds) and VHAP (volatile hazardous air pollutant) emission regulations.
  • Easy to use - This single spool stock packing is a quick efficient solution for on the spot field maintenance and repair. It is available in ring sets as well for convenience in planned or scheduled maintenance.
  • Safety - This style has proven itself as class leading sealing solution and is well recognized in hydrocarbon and chemical processing industries. It is a reliable solution, ideally suited for valve stem sealing and is fire safety tested.


  • Min. Temperature: -328°F / -200°C
  • Max. Temperature:  850°F / 455°C (1,200°F / 650°C Steam)
  • Max. Valve Pressure: 4,500 psi / 310.3 bar


  • Hydrocarbon
  • Chemical processing
  • Power generation


No end rings are required.

INCONEL is a registered trademark of Huntington Alloys Corporation.

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