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KLOZURE® Competitor Interchange Cross Reference

Garlock KLOZURE® Cross Reference Service

The KLOZURE® Cross Reference tool can be used to find the Garlock sealing product best suited for your specific equipment.



Brand Trademark Ownership

This is a list of registered brands and owners that are included in this KLOZURE® cross reference for rotating seals.

AES is a trademark of AES Engineering Limited 

AST is a trademark of AST Bearings 

Chicago Rawhide is a trademark of SKF 

Dichta is a trademark of Dichta  

Dodge is a trademark of Baldor 

Fluidol is a trademark of Sealing and Packing Systems Inc. 

Freudenberg is a trademark of Freudenberg-NOK 

Harwal Inc is a trademark of Harwal Inc.  

InPro Seal is a trademark of INPRO/SEAL LLC 

Isomag is a trademark of Steve Dawson  

JM Clipper is a trademark of JM Clipper Corporation  

Merkel is a trademark of Carl Freudenberg KG 

Merkel / Forsheda is a trademark of Forsheda AB Corporation  

National is a trademark of The Seals LLC 

NOK is a trademark of Freudenberg-NOK 

Simrit is a trademark of Carl Freudenberg 

SKF is a trademark of Aktiebolaget SKF Corportation  

Stefa is a trademark of Stensholms Fabriks Aktiebolag 

TCM /dichtomatik is a trademark of Dichtomatik Vertriebsgesellschaft fur Technische Dichtungen Corportation 

Victor is a trademark of Dana Limited LLC 

Walkersele is a trademark of James Walker Group