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KLOZURE® Competitor Interchange Cross Reference

Garlock Klozure Cross Reference Service

Everyday, customers contact Garlock looking for high quality sealing solutions to replace the commodity products that may have come in their equipment from the original manufacturer.  


Brand Trademark Ownership

This is a list of registered brands and owners that are included in this Klozure cross reference for rotating seals.

AES is a trademark of AES Engineering Limited 

AST is a trademark of AST Bearings 

Chicago Rawhide is a trademark of SKF 

Dichta is a trademark of Dichta  

Dodge is a trademark of Baldor 

Fluidol is a trademark of Sealing and Packing Systems Inc. 

Freudenberg is a trademark of Freudenberg-NOK 

Harwal Inc is a trademark of Harwal Inc.  

InPro Seal is a trademark of INPRO/SEAL LLC 

Isomag is a trademark of Steve Dawson  

JM Clipper is a trademark of JM Clipper Corporation  

Merkel is a trademark of Carl Freudenberg KG 

Merkel / Forsheda is a trademark of Forsheda AB Corporation  

National is a trademark of The Seals LLC 

NOK is a trademark of Freudenberg-NOK 

Simrit is a trademark of Carl Freudenberg 

SKF is a trademark of Aktiebolaget SKF Corportation  

Stefa is a trademark of Stensholms Fabriks Aktiebolag 

TCM /dichtomatik is a trademark of Dichtomatik Vertriebsgesellschaft fur Technische Dichtungen Corportation 

Victor is a trademark of Dana Limited LLC 

Walkersele is a trademark of James Walker Group