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Klozure Competitor Interchange Cross Reference

Garlock Klozure Cross Reference Service

Everyday, customers contact Garlock looking for high quality sealing solutions to replace the commodity products that may have come in their equipment from the original manufacturer. Providing a quick interchange to a competitive product is something that Garlock has always been good at, but with the addition of the KEE (Klozure Everywhere Everytime) oil seal interchange, we are now able to satisfy every customer’s needs. Regardless of time zone or region of the world, KEE online interchange will provide you everything you need to satisfy you, or your customers’ needs.

Traditionally, customers could wait up to a day or two to be provided a part number which adequately interchanged from the competitor part. If a drawing was needed, it would be another day. In total, the entire process could take up to 3 days for a competitor interchange.

With the development of the KEE online interchange, Garlock is now able to satisfy 80% of all interchange needs in less than 3 minutes. Using the online form, customers can submit a request into the KEE system and you will be provided with a direct, or comparable interchange. The KEE online database has over 700,000 competitor part numbers which is able to interpret a large range of user inputs to satisfy an increased customer demand. In addition to the part number, model information and size; when available, a drawing will automatically be delivered as well. All of this information will be sent directly to your email so you can forward it to your end user without having to draft a lengthy email. In addition, when you contact Garlock for a quote, we can directly reference the interchange you submitted to ensure the accuracy of your quote.

Click on the following link and locate the tab on the upper left: "Dynamic Seal Interchange".