Style 9220 GARTHANE® U-Seal, Urethane, 20.500 inch Inside Diameter X 22.500 inch Outside Diameter X 1.000 inch Cross-Section

  • Shipping Weight: 0 lbs
  • Style/Model: Style 9220
  • Cross Section (inch): 1.000
  • Cross Section (mm): 25.40
  • Inside Diameter (Inch): 20.500
  • Inside Diameter (mm): 520.70
  • Outside Diameter (inch): 22.500
  • Outside Diameter (mm): 571.50
  • Abrasion Resistance: Good
  • Compliances: REACH Compliant
  • Compliances/Standards: REACH Compliant
  • Durometer: 90
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Height (Inch): 1.500
  • Height (mm): 38.10
  • Material: Urethane
  • Material Abbreviation: PU
  • Material Chemical Name: Polyurethane
  • Max Temperature (C): 107
  • Max Temperature (F): 225
  • Min Temperature (C): -68
  • Min Temperature (F): -90
  • Pressure Min (bar): 3
  • Pressure Min (psi): 50
  • Temperature Range (C): -68°C - 107°C
  • Temperature Range (F): -90°F - 225°F
  • UPC Code: 717744790868
  • Primary Dimensional Unit of Measure: Imperial
  • Pressure Max (psi): 3500
  • Pressure Max (bar): 242

Garlock’s hydraulic v-ring packing is constructed of custom-made rubber compounds and polymers shaped in our proprietary Chevron® design, to give you the best sealing and longest lasting products. Style 9220 U-Seal is our performance grade 90 durometer polyurethane rubber and is ideal for use as a wiper ring, for short stuffing boxes and applications where the packing cannot be compressed. Available in over 1,000 sizes, this product is only made as U-Seal, and is recommended for pressures from 0-3,500psi.

  • Overview

Features and Benefits:

  • Reverse bevel design begins sealing immediately plus it flares open further under pressure creating a tight seal and minimizing leakage
  • Reliable, long lasting performance giving you peace of mind and more uptime
  • Performs well as a rod or piston seal plus it can also be used an an ID and OD wiper seal
  • Can also replace a female on a traditional chevron set adding one more sealing ring and creating a longer lasting seal
  • Excellent at sealing vacuum and low pressure applications
  • Soft packing conforms to worn and uneven surfaces
  • A great option for abrasive applications creating long-lasting performance
  • High modulus counteracts extrusion and shear forces
  • Withstands shocks over a wide range of temperatures and pressures
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance

Typical Applications:

  • Abrasive water and oil applications
  • Pressures from vacuum-3,500psi
  • Speeds up to 100FPM
  • Applications where the packing is not compressed or is used as a wiper ring

Media Use:

  • Water
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Water Gylcol
  • Water in Oil
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Aliphatic Solutions
  • Air
  • Mild Acids
  • Mild Alkalies

Industries Served:

  • Chemical Processing
  • Mining
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Primary Metals
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Water and Wastewater