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Corrugated Metal Gaskets (CMG)

Graphonic Group

Garlock's family of corrugated metal gaskets (CMG), which include the GRAPHONIC®, TEPHONIC® and recently added THERPHONIC®, provide excellent sealing performance and reliability in the most difficult applications. Each of the styles combines a corrugated metal core with compressible sealing elements designed to resist a wide range of harsh conditions, including extreme temperature, corrosive chemicals, and thermal cycling.


Flexible graphite sealing element

Tephonic Gasket

ePTFE sealing element for low load chemical applications

GET Gasket

Dual seal element design - graphite facing at the outside for fire resistance and ePTFE facing at the inside for chemical resistance

Corrugated Metal Gasket

A plain all-metal corrugated gasket for use in applications where facing materials are not acceptable. 

Therphonic Metal Gasket

THERPHONIC® Gaskets with a THERMa-PUR® sealing element are an excellent choice for heat exchangers and low pressure applications, also requiring...